My violin teaching draws upon my musical versatility. Genres I teach include Classical, Jazz, Fiddle, English Country Dance, Pop, and Rock.

In addition to violin I teach viola, synthesizer sound design, and electronic music production.

Private lessons are $30 per half hour.

Private Lessons


Kidznotes is an afterschool music program for underprivileged public schoolchildren in the Triangle area of NC. I was a teaching artist in 2016, and then from 2018 to 2020. The lead teacher for the Mozart (beginner) level left fall of 2019 and I stepped in to organize the Mozart violin teachers in her stead. Here's our Fall 2019 performance of 'Open String Blues':

On the right is a lesson along with few music examples from when we were teaching during COVID19 lock down. These were my first attempts at creating video lessons and I learned as I went. My video teaching setup benefited greatly from the lessons learned completing these. 

The Kidznotes experience was extremely challenging and incredibly rewarding. At first I was rather nervous and could only poorly handle a classroom full of boisterous students. After mentoring by observers and fellow teachers I found the confidence, ownership and authority I needed to steer the classroom. My classroom management skill grew exponentially. All in all I had a blast - I would love the chance to do something as engrossing as this again.