As Androgyny/Monarc

Androgyny/Monarc is the genderfluid persona belonging to an experimental electronic music project.

As Monarc

With Zen Gruv

"Zen Gruv is a collective of musicians led by bassist/composer Dillon Partin based in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina."

With Honey Magpie

"Honey Magpie is an indie-folk band from Chapel Hill, NC whose sound is both traditional and modern, blending classical string instruments and three part harmonies with pop, rock, and indie influences."


With Dylan Wignall

"I'm a UX/UI professional living and working in Salt Lake City. In personal art I mix together everything and anything that catches my interest. I paint, I design games, I've even spent some time on stage and absolutely loved it."

As Trev Wignall