Trev Wignall of Androgyny Music is a young breakout artist who is comfortable shredding on the electric violin. He trained immersed in the timeless culture of acoustic classical music. He has been described by Indyweek as “an ambitious local composer who laces synthesizer-and-beat-machine soundscapes with arching lines from his electric violin.” Wignall’s flair on violin has been featured at MAGFest, Progfest, jazz clubs and weddings.

What the client needs is at the heart of Androdyny’s mission. Androgyny will provide a technically sound and full bodied instrumentation for any venue. At home on acoustic and electronic instruments, Androgyny Music is a hybrid that can morph to accommodate a wide variety of settings. Androgy’s music and stage performance embraces tasteful ambiguity depending on what the client needs. 

Wignall fell in love with the violin at age three and hasn’t stopped since. He is a solo violinist, band member, teacher, improvisation artist, composer and technology innovator. He trained at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Berklee College of Music.

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